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PT. Infishta Digital Indonesia (infishta.com), a crowdfunding aquaculture company, is now opening a full-time position for Full Stack Web Developer, with the following qualifications:

What you must have:

1. Mastering at least one programming language that implements Object Oriented Programming (OOP).

2. Familiar with SQL e.g. PostgreSQL or MySQL databases.

3. Have a big interest in the web development process.

4. Self-motivated person and have the willingness to learn anywhere and anytime.

5. Fresh graduates are welcome to apply.

What we love you to have:

1. Experience using web development framework, especially Ruby on Rails

2. Experience using  automated test and Test Driven Development (TDD) concept.

3. Familiar with Javascript framework, e.g. Vue JS.

4. Familiar with versioning tools e.g. Github, Gitlab.

5. Have a contribution to the open-source community.


1. Office located in Depok.

2. Startup environtment, more than enough room to learn and grow.

3. Flexible working hours.

4. One day remote a week.

5. Fifteen (15) days of annual paid leave.

6. Annual company outing.

For those who are interested, please kindly send us your CV to infishta@gmail.com with the following subject, before 31 July 2019:

Full Stack Web Developer – [Your Name]