The Role of Cyber Security to Keep the Stability of Cyber Security

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Data is an important information for several people or group. As time goes by, data becomes a main information center so that the role of information security (cyber security) on one data system/technology needs to be prepared carefully. This is because of the importance of data’ security in order to prevent information leakage/data theft. Cyber crime mostly happened because of the weaknesses of the tools that are designed in one system or the incompatibility of the security to secure the data (hacker). Most of the time, the reason of why hackers attack the system is because they want to steal somebody’ accounts, enter hidden program, steal data/information, create a zombie (attack another person with another account), or they only want to “show” their abilities to us.

Therefore, there are several things should be considered to have a clear understanding about data security. Moreover, there are several strategies in order to strengthen the security of data which are (1) Catching up including becoming an expert user and security aware, having an understanding about security hacking tools and also about how to develop a secure software; (2) Capacity building including building awareness and research. Moreover, each of cyber security must have a clear understanding and insights about the security mechanism that consists of basic cryptography, authentication & key establishment, web security, IP security, and balancing acts.

This discussion about cyber security is a part of Fasilkom UI routine seminar which is Seminar Reboan. This Seminar Reboan held on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016 at UI Depok. In his presentation, Setiadi Yazid, Ph.D. as the speaker (Lecturer of Fasilkom UI) said that being a cyber security must know well about the local conditions, such as what is wanted by people out of the system from the system that is developed by us, what might be happened later on with the system, and so on. Additionally, a balance between what data could be saved and could be stolen should be also considered.