FASILKOM UI Students Are Developing the Platform of Sinau House

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Sinau House is a sharing platform to facilitate students who are looking for tutoring sessions, tutors who are looking for extra income by teaching, and site owners who are ready to rent their available rooms for teaching and studying activities. This platform is developed based on website, and it aims to give a solution to the public who need to join tutoring sessions but find it difficult to access the locations and the tutors. This platform also gives benefits for site owners who want to get extra income from renting the available rooms.

Sinau House was developed for the first time in August 2015 with a target to cover the regions of Jabodetabek. Until today, available rooms which have been registered in Sinau House have covered until Denpasar and Batam. Sinau House provides several programs, such as national examination (UN), SBMPTN, and thematic class. The programs are open for public.

In Digital Creative Indonesia Competition 2015 which has been organized by Telkomsel on October 22, 2015 in Jakarta, Sinau House was successful to win an achievement in Education category (E-Education). Eliminating the other 10 finalists, Sinau House was one out of 400 best applications as solutions for the urban. Sinau House’s team consisted of Abdul Basir (CEO & Alumni of FMIPA UI), Lintang Matahari Hasani (CTO & student of Fasilkom UI), and Aprilia Nur Fitrianti (CCO & Alumni of FMIPA UI).

Carrying the theme The NextDev, this competition was organized to explore Indonesian young generations’ potential in creating mobile apps capable for giving a positive impact for the public especially for the development of Smart City. The application’s sub-theme in this competition were government, healthcare, education, small and medium enterprises (UKM), tourism, and public transportation. The judging categories included team work, products and features, business model, target market, and stability of the application.

Through Sinau House, we hope that it will open chances for public (students-tutors-site owners) to establish supportive relationships to provide education for the nation’s young people. Moreover, we hope that it will motivate young generations to be creative in various areas of interest.