React Native Mobile Developer Vacancy

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Learn Quran Tajwid (LQTajwid)’s mission is to provide the best tool to learn to recite Quran. LQTajwid has been used by more than 3 million people in more than 180 countries. For us, working in LQ is dunya and akhirah work. For more information, visit

This is your chance to do good deeds that benefit thousands/millions of people. This is your chance to have a portfolio on leading international products. It is not an exaggeration, just find out about our apps. Every day our apps are used by more than 6000 people organically.

Must Have:

  1. Good attitudes
  2. More than 500 hours experience (in the last 2 years) in programming JavaScript/React Native to build Android/iOS apps
  3. Strong IT literacy
  4. Can learn & adapt quickly to this job
  5. Good English & Indonesian languages
  6. Smart & high-quality professional

Good to Have:

  1. Love to do good deeds & have great impacts for people
  2. Kotlin and/or Swift programming experience
  3. Professional experience as a programmer
  4. Accustomed to using Git
  5. Familiar with Laravel
  6. Proficient at developing website, especially using WordPress
  7. Good initiative and communication
  8. Qualifications on related fields
  9. Good knowledge about Quran
  10. Have a MacOS computer
  11. Male
  12. Live near our office


  1. A great ‘amal jariyyah إِنْ شَآءَ الله if you’re ikhlas
  2. Flexible working time (you literally can work anytime you want)
  3. Flexible working place (we do not have office routine schedule; we only go to office when needed)
  4. You can choose either permanent employment or temporary (minimum 2 months)
  5. A chance to work on a future technology if permanent
  6. Negotiable working hours between 25 – 40 hours/week
  7. Salary = IDR 5 – 16 million/month (for 40 working hours per week)
  8. Health insurance
  9. Monthly communication & internet allowance
  10. Holiday allowance (THR)
  11. 100 LQTajwid Pro+ (worth IDR 21,890,000)
  12. Our office is in UI Works
  13. Continuous learning opportunities (up to 20% of your work time!🤩) both personal & communal
  14. You will work in a team people of good characters & abilities إِنْ شَآءَ الله
  15. Islamic social environment

How to Apply: