Remembering Dean Mirna Adriani (1961-2020)

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Faculty member and Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science of Universitas Indonesia, Dr. Mirna Adriani, passed away Wednesday, July 15, in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

Internationally renowned for her work in the field of information retrieval, Dr. Mirna had been the Dean of the Faculty since 2013. She had profound impact on all those who worked with and studied under her, on the broader academic and research communities, and on the the Faculty’s reputation in excellence in education, innovation, and research.

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Many people from all over the world have shared their memories and thoughts about Dean Mirna. From personal friends to colleagues have expressed how they have been touched by her passion and leadership. You can view some these messages bellow and let us know how Dean Mirna Adriani affected your life, you research, your career, or your experience at the Faculty of Computer Science. Send us an e-mail at

Memories of Dean Mirna Adriani

School of Computing at the National University of Singapore would like to thank Professor Adriani for her contributions and collaborations with us. 

Professor Adriani, as a faculty member and Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science of University of Indonesia, communicated her passion of computer engineering and computer science and was a role model for her students and colleagues. She motivated many to engage in research not only in information retrieval, a field in which she had been an active researcher since her doctoral work at the University of Glasgow, but in many other areas of computer science. Several of her students chose to join our PhD programmes encouraged by herself.

Professor Adriani has been instrumental in establishing a lasting collaboration between our two Schools. Her continuing effort to create a community spirit between our schools were officialised with the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding. She collaborated with us to organize research workshops, summer schools and conferences.
Professor Mirna was a nice, caring and generous person.

Prof. Mohan Kankanhalli

Provost Chair & Dean, School of Computing, National University of Singapore