Collaborative Learning to Enhance Quality of Learning

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Faculty of Computer Science UI harnessing Digital Library and Distance Learning Laboratory (DL2) conducted for the second time a Brown-Bag Session (BBS) event. This event was held with intention to build understanding about strategy to its audience in enhancing their quality of learning in this recent technology era.

The Brown-Bag Session which scheduled on 12 September 2018 was participated by roughly 40 participants who in majority were professional lecturers from many different kinds educational institution in Indonesia. Among the invites were Dr. Kasiyah Junus, M.Sc. as a keynote speaker accompanied by Laboratoriun Head DL2, Harry B. Santoso, Ph.D.

Dr. Kasiyah, who is listed as one of the active members in DL2 Lab, brought up a discussion about startegies to enhance quality of learning by utilizing benefits of collaborative learning as well as community of inquiry (CoI). During her explanation on the topics, she added various of examples to overcome difficulties which are encountered through applying the collaborative learning based on her experiences and previous research.

The Community of inquiry (CoI) Framework, she explained contains with three elements: cognitive presence, social presence, and teaching presence. The three elements of Community of inquiry (CoI) are carefully considered fit to be observed as if they are implemented in a discussion forum along with using learning management system (LMS).

Dr. Kasiyah through her speaking suggested the audience to acquire more knowledge about CoI specifically inside learning environment so that the activity to improve the online collaborative learning can work well and precisely.