Getting to Know Doctoral Program Seminar on Computer Science 2016

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5 DIK-1020

All Indonesia’ universities really need a presence of Doctors who will advance our research and education sector that will positively improve the quality of Indonesia’ universities to become a part of research universities. Becoming the oldest institution in the field of Indonesia’ computer science, FASILKOM UI pays serious attention to this issue. Dr. Ade Azurat, Coordinator of Computer Science Universitas Indonesia, said “Our government has been trying to do improvements, so that all graduate students, especially Doctors or Ph.D will have more abilities in order to make new technology inventions. Then, it hopefully will boost our national autonomy which leads us to become a part of inventors instead of just becoming users”.

In order to achieve this goal, on Friday, April 15th, 2016, FASILKOM UI held a Doctoral Program Seminar on Computer Science at UI Depok. There were around 121 participants joint this seminar which started at 09.00 a.m.-05.00 p.m. Those who attended this seminar were mostly enthusiasts on Doctoral Program of Computer Science or applicants of Doctoral Program of FASILKOM UI. This seminar did not only share about S3-DIK Program and its selection process, but also any information regarding research topics from all areas of interest in IT.

All participants were divided into two areas of interests which are research on System Information area and research on Computer Science area through a panel discussion. Affirming Dr. Ade Azurat statement, “Doctoral Program of Computer Science does not just concern about Computer Science, but also includes the area of Information System Science”. Thus, each of participants hopefully would have come with their own focus and a research plan. Later on, they would be guided to all research labs that FASILKOM UI has.

Opened by Dr. Petrus Mursanto (Vice Dean for Education, Research, and Student Affairs), the seminar was led then by Dr. Ade Azurat (Coordinator of Computer Science Universitas Indonesia), Dr. Ari Saptawijaya (Vice Coordinator of Computer Science Universitas Indonesia), and also Dr. Eng. Wisnu Jatmiko (Research Coordinator of Computer Science Universitas Indonesia).

Here are several research topics offered by all lab coordinators:

–       Dana Indra Sensuse, Ph.D (E-Government & E-Business Lab)

–       Mirna Andriani, Ph.D (Informationa Retrieval Lab)

–       Bobby Nazief, Ph.D (Information Management Lab)

–       Eko Budiarjo, Ph.D (Reliable Software Engineering Lab)

–       Harry Budi Santoso, Ph.D (Digital Library & Distance Learning Lab)

–       M. Ivan Fanany, Ph.D and Prof. Aniati Murni, Ph.D (Machine Learning & Computer Vision Lab)

–       Setiadi Yazid, Ph.D (Computer Networks, Architecture and High Performance Computing Lab)

At the end of the panel discussion, all participants got chances to visit lab that they interested in and see several fine products from each lab, then had a discussion with all research teams from the lab.

Through this seminar, hopefully all participants would get more clearly understanding about all scientific contributions that can be prepared by all applicants of Doctoral Program on Computer Science. As like what Dr. Eng Wisnu Jatmiko (Coordinator Research of Fasilkom UI) had said, “All topic research that want to be explored should be related to your passions and interests”.

By the rapid development of Information and Communication Technology, all Indonesia’ universities expected to keep graduating the best Doctors of information and Communication Technology.