Visit from SMA Negeri 7 Padang

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6 Kunjungan-SMAN-7-Padang

Friday, April 15th, 2016, Fasilkom UI got visited by SMA Negeri 7 Padang. Accompanied by Six teachers of SMA Negeri 7 Padang, all students got chance to attend a seminar about all courses in Fasilkom UI and also visit several facilities that Fasilkom UI has. There were around thirty-one students from class X and XI of SMAN Negeri 7 Padang joint the seminar that delivered by Siti Aminah as the Manager of Teaching and Student Services of Fasilkom UI. Moreover, this visit was also attended by Bayu Distiawan as the Coordinator of Student Services, Humas, and BEM Fasilkom UI.

Through this visit, it hopefully provides further information and also a clear overview about Universitas Indonesia, especially Fasilkom UI to all students of SMA Negeri 7 Padang.