Seminar Reboan: Optimization of Research and Students of Fasilkom UI

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A lot of researches and studies in many areas have been positively supported by Indonesia’ universities and also government. These supports are included the provision of data and information and also the funding for research. However, these supports do not really cover the needs of experts in the field of research. Thus, Dr. Wisnu Jatmiko (Fasilkom UI’ Research Coordinator) held a Seminar Reboan with a theme “The Optimizing Research and Student Involvement in Fasilkom UI.”

On his presentation that presented on March 16th, 2016 and mostly attended by post graduate students, Dr. Wisnu shared an understanding about the needs of experts to help researchers and how it positively affects college students. In general, a research will be finished soon if it is helped by several experts during the process. In addition, He also added that the involvement of students will bring positive effect, such as developing young generation’ interest in the field of Indonesia’ research area. Other positive effects are that the students will always keep up to date to the latest information, have various perspectives, and many more. This involvement of students must be parallel with certain conditions so that the target of the researcher can be still finished well.

Meanwhile, those students who actively involve in research will have possibility to publish their research papers. This publication is both helpful for students who want to continue their study and scholarship and also pursue career in one institution. Fasilkom UI has already prepared a column for student’ research papers publication, such as JIKI/JSI (national journal) or ICACSIS-indexed in SCOPUS and IEEE (international journal).

Furthermore, Dr. Wisnu also shared the up-to-date information regarding research laboratories of Fasilkom UI. Along this year, there are several changes about names and the quantity of Research Laboratorium of Fasilkom UI that were eight labs at first, but then the number changed into seven labs which are:

  • Network Architecture and High Performance Computing
  • Information Retrieval Lab, Digital Library And Distance Learning
  • Reliable Software Engineering
  • E-Government and It-Government
  • Information Management
  • Machine Learning and Computer Vision

At the end, this seminar hopefully could grab Fasilkom UI students’ interest and attention to involve in any research that are conducted by some teachers and researchers in Fasilkom UI. Therefore, it could increase the quality and also the quantity of scientific papers or research papers both in Fasilkom UI and Indonesia.