Fasilkom UI Achievements in Indonesian Cyber Army 2015

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FASILKOM UI is back to incise a new pathway in national IT competition. 53 teams from FASILKOM UI were participating in Indonesian Cyber Army 2015, an event from the collaboration of Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kemkominfo), Indonesian Association for Higher Education of Computer Science (APTIKOM), Academy of Informatics Management and Computer Engineering (STIKOM) Bali, Multimatics, Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT), and FORESEC.

The event was conducted in STIKOM Bali, and it was divided into two topics. In the topic about CTF/Hacking, participants got the chance to learn about the technics to hijack the opponents’ server, and to show their ability in this field as well. Meanwhile, in the second topic about Digital Forensic, participants got the chance to learn further about the search and investigation of materials in the digital devices to solve the problems in cyber security.

In ICA competition, which was conducted in October 1, 2015, Fast Affine Projection which consists of Fariskhi Vidyan, Adam Jordan, and I Gusti Ngurah Putra Sattvik were successful to win the first champion in CTF/Hacking category. The second place in this category was also won by FASILKOM UI team, Debauchery Tea Party, which consists of Rizki Mubarok, Ahmad Rifai Ashari, and Edison Tantra. Meanwhile, the team WinRAR from FASILKOM UI, which consists of Kurniagusta Dwinto, Rakina Zata Amni, and M. Reza Qorib won the first place for CTF Digital Forensic category.

FASILKOM UI would like to congratulate all students who have successfully won prestigious achievements and given an honor to the alma mater in international stage. These achievements are expected to encourage the eagerness for students to keep working hard and giving precious contributions to Indonesia.