Fasilkom UI Students Championed the First Hackathon Hardware in Indonesia

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On March 7 – 8, 2015, UI students obtained two out of three achievements in the first Hackathon Hardware in Indonesia.  Titled “Indonesia’s First Internet of Things Big Data Innovation Challenge”, the event announced FlowGo and Sunsquare as the 1st and the 3rd winner of Hackathon Hardware, authorizing them to display their works in the Big Data Week 2015 exhibition on March 9-10, 2015.

Digital Water Meter

FlowGo is a collaborative team consists of Fasilkom and FT students who are also enlisted in UI Robotic Team (TRUI). With Darwin (Computer Science 2011), Novian Habibie (Computer Science 2011), Lintang Adyuta Sutawika (Electrical Engineering 2011), Ismi Rosyiana Fitri (Electrical Engineering 2012), and Aldwin Akbar (Electrical Engineering 2013) as the members, FlowGo created a digital water meter that combines hardware and software systems using the IoT (Internet of Things) and Big Data concepts.

This digital water meter will help users to monitor water usage from the internet (online). Using flowmeter sensor, this device will measure the amount of water that pass through the sensor and send the data to the microcontroller using GPRS connection. The data will be processed by the server data and presented in graphics and track record table per period. Users then will be able to check and count the cost that they have to pay.

This device, which wins the 1st place of the competition, can also be integrated with a big data processor in wide scale to monitor regional water usage. If every building in a region use this device, the buildings will be storing data of water amount to the data server. Thus, this device can help the government in monitoring water usage in the region and point out the building that use water the most or the least.

Jemurin (Jemuran Integrated System)

Riza Herzego Nida Fathan (Information System 2011),Yusuf Cahyo (Computer Science alumnus, 2011), Muhammad Faris (Information System 2013), Kurniagusta Dwinto (Computer Science 2011), and Irfan Nur Afif (Computer Science 2011) from Sunsquare succeeded to solve people’s problem about dring clothes on horses in an unpredictable weather. The system that won the 3rd place in Hackathon Hardware was named Jemurin.

Jemurin is a device for clothes horses that has been integrated with a system that detects the sun and rain when no one is home. Changes in the weather (sunny or rain) will be detected by the device, and it will either push out or pull in the horse with hanging clothes depend on the weather that it has detected. If the system detects rainy weather, it will pull in the horse and therefore place the clothes beneath the roof, and vice versa. Moreover, Jemurin is accessible through website and mobile application, and it can also send notification message to the user.