Fasilkom UI Alumnus Won The Best EMCL Master Thesis Award 2013

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Fariz Darari, an alumnus of Fasilkom UI won the Best Thesis Award on February 19th, 2014 in EMCL Student Workshop 2014, Austria. The European Master Program in Computational Logic (EMCL) Student Workshop is an annual event for students, alumni, and professors from EMCL’s university partners.

In EMCL 2014 in Vienna (Austria), Fariz Darari, representing Free University of Bozen – Bolzano, Italia, presented his thesis: “Completeness Reasoning for Linked Data Queries”. Fariz won the achievement and was awarded as the “Best EMCL Thesis Award 2013”. The best thesis itself is also published in ISWC 2013 (International Semantic Web Conference).

The 2006 UI alumnus earned his Computer Science bachelor degree in Fasilkom UI. In his final project, Fariz developed OWLizr, a system which extracts knowledge from simple declarative sentences in Bahasa Indonesia that became the expression in OWL-DL notation.

Fariz earned her magister in 2013 from European Master’s Program in Computational Logic in TU Dresden (Germany) and Free University of Bozen-Bolzano (Italia). He was supervised by Prof. Werner Nutt (Germany), Dr. Giuseppe Pirro (Italia) and Dipl.-Inf. Simon Razniewski (Germany).

Fariz, who is currently studying for his doctorate in Semantic Web in Bolzano (Italia), says that he wants to do an applicable and beneficial research. Fariz is also looking forward for future opportunity of sharing knowledge through teaching, following the footsteps of Fasilkom UI lecturers. “To me, the time that I’ve spent in Fasilkom UI was very crucial for my future; it was one of the keys to reach my dreams. That is why I hope my fellow student friends can enjoy every moment in the studying process so that they can reach their dreams in the future.” Fariz said.

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