Seminar Reboan: Information System Profession and Competency

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Asean Economic Community (AEC), that is going to be implemented in 2015, forces government to improve many sectors in this nation; one of them is the education sector. The issue that is thought to be important is the human resources skill enhancement. Through the Seminar Reboan session (7/5), Fasilkom UI had the chance to explain the profession and competency of Information System in organizations and industries. With Riri Satria, CEO Value Alignment Advisory PT. Solusi Inovasi Dayaguna, as the speaker, Seminar Reboan discussed about “Information System Profession and Competency”.

Today, the existing professions in Information System field are still confusing. Acording to Turban in his books “Information Technology Management”, Information System is a field that divides environment into three; organization, people and technology; while Kenneth Laudon sees Information System as an application consisted of three main components, which are data management, hardware and telecommunication. Ralph Stair, on addition, sees Information System as a business process. Concluding the three fundamental theories, Riri said that Information System bridges the technology issue with market needs, particularly in business and social sectors.

The competency of Information System professions is being responsible about the existing knowledge and information, so that it can be maximally used to build synergies and give additional values to organizations. The synergies are built in technology, data/information, business, and social sectors. There are also three competencies in a profession, which are understand, able to develop/execute, and able to do some innovation.

At the end of the seminar, Riri urged participants to start building a smart technology that utilizes knowledge in Information System. “Information System is a complicated study, but to be brave to build a synergy that utilizes it is the most important, “ said Riri.