Explore the Programming World through Fun Coding 2013

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Fun Coding, programming seminar and workshop for high school students had been successfully held on June, 24th-26th 2013 in the Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Indonesia. Fun Coding, as a part of Summer Camp Fasilkom UI <https://www.cs.ui.ac.id/id/summer-camp> was organized in collaboration with SunSquare Studio <https://twitter.com/sunsquarestudio> and Lembaga Asisten Fasilkom UI (Institute of Assistance Faculty of Computer Science UI) <https://asisten.cs.ui.ac.id/>. Fifty-seven students from many school joined the event, many of them have never dealt with programming before. Aside of stimulating interest on programming of the high school students, this event was also meant to test the effectiveness of Beling website .

Fun Coding was officially opened with Bayu Distiawan T., M. Kom., the representation of Summer Camp Fasilkom UI Team. He motivated the participants to tell their first experiences in programming. After that, the participants entered the coding session with the teachers and assistants in Computer Lab on Fasilkom UI. The materials given in the first day was the introduction to Java, String, Integer, Variable and Perulangan. At the end of the lesson, the participants did their first daily assignment which was to complete the program code of a game named RockPaperScissors.

On the second day, Alham Fikri Aji from Research and Technology Fasilkom UI and Mega Denditya from Game Studio Chocoart came as Fun Coding’s guests. They shared the advantages of learning programming and also motivated the participant to learn it viably. In the seminar, the participants were shown the real advantages of learning programming. After that, the participants went back to the lab to continue learning about method and did the daily assignment, which was to complete the program code for game Hangman. They were also invited to visit the MIC UI (Microsoft Innovation Center UI) and Ristek (Riset dan Teknologi—Research and Technology) Fasilkom UI. In MIC UI they were shown directly the works of MIC UI’s members in many kinds of devices. They also heard stories from the Ristek members who have excelled in the programming world.

The last day of Fun Coding began with a mentoring session from the assistants. On that day, the participants learned about Array and did the code completing assignment for the game Tic Tac Toe. After the task was finished, they were then invited to play several games designed by the committee. The event was followed by an official closing by Samuel Louvan, S. Kom., M. Sc. Who was one of the preceptors in the development of Beling website.

“Indonesia can be the next Silicon Valley, IT activists will show up in Indonesia, and programming can make it into the school’s curriculum,” said Zaka Zaidan Aizmur, the Project Officer of Fun Coding.

“I joined Fun Coding because I am interested in programming since my 12th grade. I feel greatly helped by Beling website because it serves programming tutorials in Bahasa Indonesia. Fun Coding should be held again because it is very good for the beginners who are interested in programming,” said Rachmad Setiawan, the awarded “Ter-Coding” participant of Fun Coding.