SDG 15. Life on Land

15. Life On Land

15.3 Supporting land ecosystems through action

15.3.3 Local biodiversity included in planning and development

In the Procurement of Renovation of Fasilkom New Building Fasilkom Phase 1 of FY 2021, this building is made a vertical garden and is expected to become a green building

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15.4. Land sensitive waste disposal

15.4.1. Water discharge guidelines and standards

15.4.2. Policy on plastic waste reduction

Since 2019, both staff and students in the Faculty of Computer Science are requested to use reusable items, like tumblers and tote bags or cloth bags. By using reusable items, we can reduce plastic use and plastic waste we produce in the Faculty of Computer Science. Moreover, in the Faculty of Computer Science, we have two drinkable-water fountains that all people who visit our faculty could use to refill their tumbler.

Evidence: Document

15.4.3. Policy on hazardous waste disposal