Careers at Finantier

At Finantier ( we are building the infrastructure for the next generation of Financial Services across Southeast Asia.

Build something that matters

We help consumers use their data to access better financial products and empower businesses to create better solutions for their users.

Our Mission

Create a world where anyone can access financial services

Core Values

1. Put people first

Companies use Finantier to help serve the underbanked and unbanked. We always start by asking: whose problem are we solving? Is it significant? Are we making lives better? If products don’t work for people they don’t work for us.

2. Honesty and care

We say what we mean and mean what we say. We believe in sharing honest feedback, delivered with respect, to build trust and support growth. We always assume positive intent because we know that all feedback is given in a genuine effort to help us improve.

3. Own it

The success of Finantier depends on the ownership of everyone. We all own Finantier and work to achieve results that benefit everyone, not just specific teams or individuals.

Expand financial access across Southeast Asia

Positions Available:


[Finantier: Product Manager](

[Finantier: Senior Backend Engineer](

[Finantier: Senior Frontend Engineer](

[Finantier: Engineering Manager / Tech Lead](

[Finantier: DevOps Engineer](


[Finantier: Graphic Designer](

[Finantier: Content Writer](

[Finantier: Operations Lead](




[Software Engineer / Product Internship](

[Business Development Internship](