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Angelswing is a global startup with 20+ team members from Nepal, Indonesia, and the USA building a Drone Data Solution together which is looking to expand the team by hiring more engineers from anywhere around the world.

In order to achieve that, Angelswing is hosting an Online International Tech Recruiting Day. This event is curated with a goal to show what Angelswing is really about and get more talented people interested to join us. We believe that this event will help people get familiar with the company and what it does before deciding whether Angelswing is the right place for them.

This is going to be a 1-Day Virtual event and is open to anyone who is interested to learn about Angelswing. Interview slots are also available following the event, so please let anyone interested to RSVP. For more information, please visit the link shared in this Post

Again, it is open to anyone who is interested to join and learn.

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