Seminar Reboan: Automated Planning by Constraint Programming (19 June 2019)

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We would like to announce the schedule for Seminar which is being held on:

Date : Wednesday, 19 June 2019
Time : 1:00 – 3:00 PM
Location : Room 1213 Building A foor 2, Fasilkom UI Depok
Topic : Automated Planning by Constraint Programming

  • Talk session
  • Tutorial session
Speaker : Prof. Dr. Jussi Rintanen (Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland)

Talk Session: Synthesis of Software Systems from High-Level Specifications

Shortage of software developers, increasing complexity of software systems, and the difficulty of producing large software systems cost-effectively, reliably and quickly, calls for new approaches to software development.

We have proposed and prototyped a new approach to developing data-intensive software systems in a broad class of applications, including information systems and web applications. It is based on abstract high-level specifications which declaratively describe functionalities of a system, and which can be implemented fully automatically at all levels of common software stacks, including database interfaces, applications’ internal logic, and user interfaces (excluding layout and the look of the UI). The framework also enables automated validation and analytics methods which haven’t earlier been generally applicable to software code.

Tutorial Session: SAT-Based State-Space Search Methods

State-space search is one of the important technologies widely used in computer-aided verification and validation (model-checking, reachability analysis, deadlock detection), intelligent decision-making and planning, as well as other forms of analytics of dynamic systems, including diagnosis.

This tutorial explains the foundations of SAT-based analysis and reasoning methods developed in the past three decades, and some of their applications in AI and CS more generally. We will cover basic representations of state-space search problems in the propositional logic, encodings with partially ordered actions/events, parallelized SAT solving, as well as SAT-based methods for timed systems and systems with uncertainty and incomplete information.

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