Intern at as Back-end Engineer

Fakultas Ilmu Komputer Universitas Indonesia > Employers Vacancies > Intern at as Back-end Engineer is looking for a Back-end Engineer. ( is an app to do an interbank transfer free of charge for everyone. Until today, Flip has helped Indonesian people to save billion rupiahs from the interbank transfer fee. 

Job Desc:
– Design and develop highly scalable, reliable and fault tolerant systems
– Translate business requirements into scalable technical solutions
– Plan, prioritise, and estimate works to be done
– Communicate and collaborate with teams across division
– Improve code quality of existing system
– Debug and fix problem on existing system

– Knowledge and experience in PHP, Yii2 experience is a plus
– Familiar with RESTful API
– Proficient in MySQL
– Experience in designing and creating an API is a plus
– Experience in working with large data set and/or high concurrency system is a plus
– Enjoy working in a *nix development environment
– Solid understanding of algorithms, algorithmic complexities, OOP, design patterns, and clean code
– Ability to plan, prioritize, estimate and execute task with a good degree of predictability
– Ability to scope, review and refine user stories and/or task for technical completeness and to alleviate dependency risks

For those who are interested, please drop your email to hr[at]