Seminar Reboan: Blockchain Technology (6 March 2019)

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We would like to announce the schedule for Seminar Reboan which is being held on:

Date : Wednesday, 6 March 2019
Time : 1.00 – 3.00 PM
Location : Room 1213, Building A, 2nd floor, Fasilkom UI Depok
Topic : Blockchain Technology
Speaker : Sentot Kromodimoeljo, Ph.D.

Dr. Kromodimoeljo is both a researcher and practitioner in the area of computer security, in particular formal methods in cryptography and security applications. He has an electrical engineering degree from Carleton University and a PhD in Information Technology from the University of Queensland. He worked as a researcher and consultant in Canada and Australia, and recently returned to Indonesia to work as an independent consultant in the area of IT security.


In this talk, I will introduce the currently emerging blockchain technology. I will discuss both the technical aspects as well as the economic potential of the application of this technology. In particular, I will focus on applications of blockchain technology for cryptrography and digital signing.


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