Universitas Indonesia once again Maintains its Status in National Gemastik Competition as the Overall Winner

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History has repeated itself, Universitas Indonesia for the sixth time has achieved an overall winner position in the 2018 National Student Competition in the field of Information and Communication Technology or Gemastik. Gemastik is a national stage for information and communication technology students which is approved and encouraged by the Director General of Learning and Student Affairs at the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia. This year 2018 Gemastik held its 11th event with its peak celebration on the 1-3 November 2018 in Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS), Surabaya.

Gemastik 11th open enrollment was started from 30th July 2018 with participations from various universities and intitutions all over Indonesia. There were 11 categories for competition: Animation, User Experience Design, Network Security and Information System, Programming, Data Mining, Game Application Development, Information technology Business Development, Software Development, Smart Device, Embedded System and IoT, Smart City, and Information Technology Scientif Paper. After the highly competitive first step selection process, 41 students from the Universitas Indonesia who splitted into division of 14 teams were clarified as the finalists and invited to attend the peak event celebration in Surabaya. Universitas Indonesia’s contingents were 38 Computer Science Faculty Students (13 teams) and 3 Faculty of Engineering Students (1 team).

2 golds, 3 silvers and 1 bronze have retained UI position as the Overall Winner of Gemastik for three years in a row, and this achievement also the 6th time for UI to bring home the Overall Winner title since the national competition’s first event in 2008.

We are sending our regard and great appreciation to the Gemastik 11th contigents and other successful winners. All master pieces and innovations that had been invented with hope will contribute to the field of science technology in the future.

List of Gemastik 11th teams from Universitas Indonesia:

Batang Bambu (Juara 1)

Kota Cerdas

Ariz Buditiono, Ilmu Komputer

Hafizh Rafizal Adnan, Sistem Informasi

Ibrahim, Ilmu Komputer

Kembalinya Teman Bali Kami (Finalis)


Usama, Ilmu Komputer

Windi Chandra, Ilmu Komputer

Norman Bintang, Ilmu Komputer

AFF (Juara 2)

Kota Cerdas

Ari Tri Wibowo Yudasubrata, Sistem Informasi

Felisitas Sindiana, Sistem Informasi

Muhammad Umar Farisi, Sistem Informasi

ImproveBySubmission (Finalis)


Albertus Angga Raharja, Ilmu Komputer

Ahmad Hasan Siregar, Ilmu Komputer

Kautsar Fadlillah, Ilmu Komputer

ristek meong (Juara 1)

Piranti Cerdas, Sistem Benam dan IoT

Aji Wuryanto, Sistem Informasi

Ichlasul Affan, Ilmu Komputer

Dennis Febri Dien, Ilmu Komputer

(∩`-´)⊃━☆゚(cring).*・ (Finalis)

Keamanan Jaringan dan Sistem Informasi

Febriananda Wida Pramudita, Ilmu Komputer

Raihan Ramadistra Pratama, Ilmu Komputer

Steven Kusuman, Ilmu Komputer

Ristek Kuriositas (Juara 2)

Piranti Cerdas, Sistem Benam dan IoT

Made Wira Dhanar Santika, Ilmu Komputer

Arkha Sayoga Mayadi, Ilmu Komputer

William Gates, Ilmu Komputer

Fight Interactive (Finalis)

Pengembangan Aplikasi Permainan

Vadimos Christo Bhirawa, Ilmu Komputer

Danny August Ramaputra, Ilmu Komputer

Wahyu Ananda Duli Tokan, Ilmu Komputer

Once Boys (Finalis)

Piranti Cerdas, Sistem Benam dan IoT

Sahis Maulidani, Teknik Elektro

Ridho Adhadi Gani, Teknik Komputer

Syahrul Hidayat, Teknik Elektro

Klilink (Finalis)

Pengembangan Perangkat Lunak

Dwi Nanda Susanto, Ilmu Komputer

Muhammad Farhan, Ilmu Komputer

Indra Pambudi, Ilmu Komputer

SurabayaMining (Juara 2)

Penambangan Data

Stephen Jaya Gunawan, Ilmu Komputer

Grace Angelica, Ilmu Komputer

Jonathan Edwin, Ilmu Komputer

Notyetnamed (Finalis)

Pengembangan Bisnis TIK

Bintang Glenn Julian, Sistem Informasi

Aufa Husen Ramadhan, Sistem Informasi

Ibrahim, Ilmu Komputer

BersawReborn (Juara 3)


Reynaldo Wijaya Hendry, Ilmu Komputer

Muhammad Indra Ramadhan, Ilmu Komputer

Kezia Sulami, Ilmu Komputer

Asik2jos (Finalis)

Pengembangan Bisnis TIK

Muhammad Fawwaz Syarif, Sistem Informasi

Ivan Abdurrahman, Sistem Informasi

Fathya Annasya Yuzrin, Sistem Informasi