Fasilkom UI and Bebras Indonesia hold Workshop in Computational Thinking for Primary School Teachers

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A community event has been held as a form of social responsibility by two joint organizers, the Faculty of Science Universitas Indonesia and Bebras Indonesia with an event called ‘Workshop Computational Thinking’ with purpose to widen and sharpen view and thinking of the Indonesian primary students. The event was aimed for primary school teachers of the Jabodetabek surrounding areas as well as to prepare teachers in educating and training their students in overcoming Computational and technical computer problems. The event was carried out on Thursday, 25th of October 2018 in Center for Japanese Study Building, Depok.

The event was opened by Mirna Adriani, Ph.D. (Dean of Faculty of Computer Science UI), welcome and opening remarks speeches were delivered by Dr. Yugo K. Isal (Event Coordinator), Mr. Wawang Buang (Head of Primary Education and Staff Section, Depok Education Office). Keynote speakers’ presentations were brought by: Siti Aminah, M. Kom (Lecturer of Faculty of Computer Science UI) and Suryana Setiawan, Ph.D. (Bebras Bureu for Universitas Indonesia Representative). This event was audienced by 67 teachers from primary schools surrounding the Jabodetabek area.

Siti Aminah on her seminar session explained about important preparations that teachers needed to master in dealing with the current digital era with the aim for enlightening students in information technology aspect at schools. Computer program familiariazation to students becomes one of her insightful ideas in order to develop students’ critical and ways of thinking to solve problems. “The aim of information and technology education to be taught at schools is basically to train students to acquire computational thinking”, was a statement from Siti Aminah during her presentation. In line with the statement, Suryana Setiawan also is in his speech shared the audience not only on how to deliver teachings using simple concepts, but also engage students in thinking computationally through teaching them how.

The event is expected to become an annual regular event held by the Faculty of Computer Sience Universitas Indonesia, which one way to encourage productivity among computational community and the other way to demonstrate social responsibility act of the Faculty of Computer Science UI to its community.