ICACSIS 2018 Held in UI

ICACSIS 2018 Held in UI

(International Conference in in Computer Science and Information System)

Conference on Advanced Computer Science and Information Systems (ICACSIS) 2018 held in the Faculty of Science Universitas Indonesia (Fasilkom UI). The international conference, attended by researchers, professionals, and students as well as experts in computer science and information system inside and outside the country, was taken place on 27 – 28 October 2018 in Yogyakarta.

ICACSIS 2018 officially opened on Saturday, 27 October 2018 at 08.30 am Indonesian Western Standard Time by Dean of Faculty of Science Universitas Indonesia (Fasilkom UI), Mirna Adriani, Ph.D and General Chair of ICACSIS 2018, Yudho Giri Sucahyo, Ph.D along with  keynote speakers, Assoc. Prof. Sherah Kurnia (University of Melbourne), Betty Purwandari, Ph.D (Universitas Indonesia), Prof. Fumihito Arai (Nagoya University), Prof. Toshio Fukuda (Beijing Institute of Technology and Meijo University), and Prof. Subhas Chandra Mukhopadhyay (Macquarie University). Event was scheduled into stages: Plenary Speech, Parallel Sessions, and Doctoral Consortium. ICACSIS is an organization for its members to learn and share knowledge, experience, innovation and information development regarding methodology, theory, application and 7 other fields of research, they are:

  • Reliable Software Engineering;
  • Information Management;
  • Information Retrieval;
  • Digital Library & Distance Learning;
  • E-Government & E-Business;
  • Computer Network, Architecture & High-Performance Computing; dan
  • Machine Learning & Computer Vision.

Doctoral Consortium is a part of new agenda linked to one series of all the ICACSIS activities, which gives opportunity to undertaking doctoral studies (S3) to discover and improve their research by obtaining help from computer science and information system experts. Harnessing the doctoral consortium, it is expected that participants gain newest insights related to their ongoing research through research collaboration or data support or research grant and also door to research collaboration with experts who attended the ICACSIS 2018.

There were 136 papers in 2018 ICACSIS which coming from various countries collected for selection process, resulting of 83 papers were qualified to be presented in the International ICACSIS 2018 forum. There were 11 countries participating and attending in ICASIS 2018: Germany, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Bangladesh, the Phillipines, Indonesia, Australia, England, and Croatia. Since 2011, ICACSIS has been indexed by SCOPUS as one of the most well-known library database entities utilized by the world researchers. The ICACSIS 2018 again is going to be indexed by the SCOPUS and in addition of the IEEE, the International Professional Association in Technology Development, UI Research and Innovation Product Office, and Faculty of Information and Technology Maranatha Christian University, Bandung.