First Indonesian Researcher Wins the SWSA Distinguished Dissertation Award

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Fariz Darari, Dosen Fasilkom UI

One of UI Computer Science Faculty Lecturers, Fariz Darari, Ph.D. has been named as the first Indonesian researcher to receive SWSA Distinguished Dissertation Award, that is the highest appreciation within the international level in the field of Semantic Web. SWSA (Semantic Web Science Association) the host of ISWC (International Semantic Web Conference) is a level A conference in the Semantic Web area. The nominated candidates were researchers from universities all over the world, which put forward originalities, authenticities, significancies, and level of effects their research brings to communities become the assessments of selecting the awardee.

Fariz Darari, Ph.D. was born in Malang, July 5th 1988, he succeeded at receiving his bachelor’s degree from the University of Indonesia, Faculty of Computer Science in 2006, later undertaking his master’s study in TU Dresden Germany, then Free University of Bozen Bolzano, Italy in 2011. He proceeded his doctoral study in 2017 at Bolzano and Dresden. In 2013 Fariz Darari ever achieved an accomplishment and obtained a title as the “Best EMCL Thesis Award 2013.” The result of his best written thesis has been published in the International Conference ISWC 2013. Recently, Fariz is back to script another great accomplishment as the winner of SWSA Distingushed Dissertation Award 2018.

Fariz is known for his perseverance and consistency. Since 2013 until present, he has been actively writing and publishing (main paper, workshop or demo/poster) in the International Conference ISWC. Fariz’s dissertation with title “Managing and Consuming Completeness Information for RDF Data Sources,” advised by Prof. Werner Nutt (Italy) and Prof. Sebastian Rudolph (Germany), who are experts in the Semantic Web world. To add this, he has managed to succeed in fusing theories, implementation and evaluation solidly and projectably in order to stimulate a lot of findings from under-developed aspect in Semantic Web area. The other senior researchers involved in examining Fariz Darari dissertation research were Prof. Pascal Hitzler (USA), Prof. Markus Krötzsch (Jerman), and Peter F. Patel-Schneider, Ph.D. (USA).

Semantic Web is considered as a new science and was premierly introduced by Tim Berners-Lee, James Hendler, and Ora Lassila in 2001. Principally, Semantic Web discourses on how to manage web to be more convenient and better accessed done by a machine. The explicity of the hyperlink that is available on the web utilizing a new paradigm, where we can gain information not in text or strings but more of object or things. In the other word, we do not only store textual data based, but also knowledge based. Semantic Web can not be released from a big data processing.  When a huge data is processed (big data processing), then Semantic Web will function as a data model which is interoperable and rich in meanings (semantics).

Prof. James Hendler, one of the pioneers of Semantic Web, is co-chair of selection committee in SWSA Distinguished Dissertation Award. It is our own pride of Fariz Darari when one of the pioneers of Semantic Web was involved in the selection process to his dissertation. Prof. Dr. Pascal Hitzler, NCR Distinguished Professor & Director of Data Science Write State University (USA), also showed his support towards Fariz, “Overall, the manuscript is of outstanding quality. The topic addressed is important for the future development of the field, and the contributions are substantial and significant. The manuscript furthermore shows the proficiency of the author regarding both theory and implementations, and his skills as a narrator.” Stated Pascal Hitzler.

We hope achievements and accomplishments that have been crafted by our youths, including Fariz Darari, will trigger the spirit in generating more innovations and creativities to contribute to the world citizens.



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