Fasilkom UI Students Team Receives Winner Title of Capture the Flag in Arkavidia 2018

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Arkavidia 9

Fasilkom UI marked an achievement in Arkavidia 4 competition. After Muhammad Ayaz Dzulfikar success in Programming Contest field, the winning team’s members were Aldi Fahrezi, Rakha Kanz Kautsar, and Wira Abdillah Siregar coming out as the first winner in Capture the Flag Competition Category. They are year 2015 students of UI computer science faculty, that were joined in Arkavidia 9 team.

Participants in Capture the Flag (CTF) were tasked to examine safety of a system in a way to collect hidden flags through solving problems. Therefore, the problems the participants dealing with were categorized into Web Security, Binary Exploitation, Cryptography, Reverse Engineering and Forensic.

Passing the round which was done online, Arkavidia 9 would depart to Bandung to compete in the next round that was held in ITB. To Aldi, Rakha and Wira, this was their first experience to be in one team. Before the Arkavidia 9 team was formed, the three members had joined similar competitions, but they were separated in different teams.

One of success keys from the Arkavidia 9 team is communication. “In good communication, we can share tasks according to our own specific skills. In addition, it can prevent from the same tasks being performed by different member,” stated Aldi. In the end of the interview, Arkavidia 9 team also shared stories about competitions they have participated in. “To us, one of the ways to enrich experience and learn new things is to participate in competitions. Winning is not the main goal of this participation,” explained the Arkavidia 9 team.