International Workshop on Information Technology: IWBIS 2016

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Faculty of Computer Science Universitas Indonesia (FASILKOM UI) organizes an international event presenting IT practitioners from home and abroad. This event is IWBIS (International Workshop on Big Data and Information Security) held on October 18-19 2016 at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), East Jakarta.

The opening ceremony will be delivered by Prof. Heru Suhartantom, Ph.D. (The chief of IWBIS 2016) and Mirna Adriani, Ph.D. (The dean of FASILKOM UI). Other than that, there will be other keynote speakers, among others, Dr. Nico Neumann (University of South Australia), Dr. Yen Nun Huang (Academia Sinica), Prof. Tapio Salakoski (University of Turku), Prof. Dr. Xue Li (University of Queensland), Dr. Jun Zhang (Deakin University), and  Dr. Eng. Wisnu Jatmiko (Universitas Indonesia). The topics which will be discussed cover the aspects of Computer Architecture and High Performance Computing, Computer Networks, and Information Retrieval.

This year is the first time IWBIS is administered. This event is an international training aiming to present and discuss the development in IT, mainly regarding the big data and the security of information system to become the platform in gaining information for the progress of research collaboration and sharing experiences. IWBIS 2016 is split into 2 main events, which are Seminar & Workshop and Parallel Session. This event is supported by Research and Public Service Directorate Universitas Indonesia, University of South Australia, and Solusi247.

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