Excellent Educators 2016


Universitas Indonesia has organized a Selection for Excellent Educators for Academic Administrator, Finance Manager, Laboratory Assistant, General Administrator and Technician in 2016. This event involves educators from all faculties in Universitas Indonesia. This appreciation is officially given by Mr Muhammad Anis, the Rector of Universitas Indonesia, to Excellent Educators on August 17, 2016 at Rotunda UI.

The educators from FASILKOM UI is successful to win prestigious achievements namely:

  • Andi Tri Laksono – 1st place of Excellent Technician 2016 Universitas Indonesia
  • Iriana Widyawati – 2nd place of Excellent Academic Administrator 2016 Universitas Indonesia

The selection process had been running since May 2016 by collecting the required files, one of them is a scientific paper based on the field study. Iriana Widyawati (Academic administration staff of FASILKOM UI), known as Mrs Nunuk, was successful to present her material on Academic Management System of FASILKOM UI, so as Andi Tri Laksono (IT staff of FASILKOM UI) with his paper titled “Autentifikasi PC Menggunakan pGina”.

In this opportunity, Andi Tri Laksono shares his vision, “I hope that through this achievement, I will be more devoted to contribute to FASILKOM UI.”

The entire academicians of FASILKOM UI are sending congratulations for the Excellent Educators from FASILKOM UI who have succeed to gain prestigious achievements. Always keep up the good works.