Fasilkom UI Students get an Internship at Silicon Valley

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Four students from Faculty of Computer Science Universitas Indonesia (Fasilkom UI) are going to join an internship program that will start in June 2016 in Silicon Valley-USA. Those students are Fariskhi Vidyan (Computer Science batch 2012), Rakina Zata Amni (Compuer Science batch 2013), Pusaka Kaleb Setyabudi (Computer Science batch 2013), and Tri Ahmad Irfan (Computer Science batch 2013).

The first one is Fariskhi. Fariskhi gets a chance to participate in an internship program that offered by Mozilla Corporation, San Francisco. This internship program will start from June 27th, 2016 until September 16th, 2016 as a part of Platform Engineering. Moreover, Fariskhi will be asked to implement a new feature for Firefox Rendering Engine with a Rendering Platform. For additional information, Fariskhi had ever helped contribute toward Mozilla’ previous projects in the past. He had been through several selection tests that includes online coding test and interview session by skype about live coding. In brief, his decision to apply an internship program in Mozilla is because of Mozilla’ reputation which is one of the the most influential implementer of open source software in the world.


The next ones are Rakina and Pusaka. They get a chance to participate in an internship program that offered by Google in Mountain View USA. At the beginning, they had to be selected first by Google through Google Careers Website. Then, they will be contacted by Google’ recruiter to have an interview session with Google’ engineer about programming and live coding after they passed the first step.

Rakina is going to work for Research & Machine Department during her internship program. She preferred Google to become her internship partner because she thought Google has more different and varied problems compared with other companies.

On the other hand, Pusaka is going to work for a team that concern in Google Ads (Advertising). He will be responsible to improve the previous advertisement system in order to help Google advertises appropriate advertisements for user. Pusaka said there was nothing special reason of why he joined an internship program in Google. He just wants to get a chance learning as an intern participant in Silicon Valley.

For Tri Ahmad Irfan, this is the second time he joins an internship program in Twitter. He had ever been given a chance to help Twitter also as an internship participant. This year, twitter asked Tri Ahmad Irfan again to help Platform Engineering Division and Core Stage Team. He will be responsible to develop a set of tools that can do the task importing data from Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) into internal database format which is usually used by Twitter. In his opinion, having an internship program in Twitter gives a lot of fun and insights. He said Twitter has more challenging problems to be learned compared with the others.

Besides those four names, another names of Fasilkom UI’ students which also get an overseas internship program are Teresa Pranyoto & Anthony (Google Sidney, Australia), Ammar Fathin Sabili (Research Internship at National University Singapore), and Rizki Mubarok (HDE, Inc. Japan).