Innovation on Olfaction Robot Features

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The development of electronic sensor technology has rapidly brought a lot of innovations in relation to the development of olfactory features for robot that surely give positive impacts. Furthermore, these innovations promise at least two benefits which are analyzing the type of gas or chemical that vaporizes in the air and also finding the Odor Source (OS) that is well-known as Odor Source Localization (OSL). These features would be so helpful for detecting toxic and harmful gasses in relation to post-disasters rescue activities. Thus, Didit Widiyanto in his dissertation titled “Modifikasi Particle Swarm Optimization dengan Menentukan Sub-Swarm Secara Adaptif untuk Multi-Odor Source Localization” (Modification of Particle Swarm Optimization for Multi-Odor Source Localization by Choosing Sub-Swarm Adaptively) was trying to modified a Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithm by developing niche (Sub-Swarm) that was done adaptively so that finding numerous and multiple OS or Multi-Odor Source Localization (M-OSL) could be finished earlier.

This study is proposed two methods which are Adaptive Niching PSO Semi-Supervised Extreme Learning Machine (ANPSO-SSELM) method for niche development adaptively and Plume Tracking method by using “Ignore gBest” (IgB Method) to give a faster and easier process of finding OS. Moreover, the measurement of SR points out a result that Adaptive Niching algorithm could form niche as much as OS are given by using Semi-Supervised Extreme Learning Machine (SSELM)

These results were presented by Didit Widiyanto in an open session which was held on June 16th, 2016 in Building B’ Auditorium of Fasilkom. The Computer Science doctorate conferment session was led by Mirna Adriani, Ph.D., with Dr. Agus Buono, Prof. T. Basaruddin, Ph.D., Dr. Petrus Mursanto, Setiadi Yazid, Ph.D., and, M. Ivan Fanany, Ph.D. as the examiners. In the session, Prof. Dr. Aniati Murnia A. and Dr. Wisnu Jatmiko were also present as the promoter and co-promoter respectively. The dissertation achieved a highly distinctive result, and a doctorate in Computer Science was then conferred to Dr. Didit Widiyanto as the 54th graduate from Fasilkom UI Doctorate program. (HK)