11 Students of Fasilkom UI Get Internship at Ajou University

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In June, 2016, 11 students of Computer Science and Information Systems Fasilkom UI are going to Seoul, South Korea to be participants in an internship program at Ajou University.  Those are students who has been selected for ICT. IDN PROGRAM 2016. ICT. IDN is a program that gives special training so that can improve the quality of human resources in order to compete in global stage especially in the field of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and also Convergence Technology in Indonesia.

This ICT. IDN Program is purposed to improve the qualities and the capacities of the manpower in ICT’ industry in Indonesia, promote the start-ups’ network around the world, afford business opportunities in ICT’ industry in Indonesia, and also support the relationship between ICT, Pan-Gyo, Techno Valley, South Korea, and the ICT’ industry in Indonesia.

As a leading institution in technology and computer science in Indonesia, Fasilkom UI supports its best 11 students to participate in ICT. IDN Program at Ajou University (Suwon, Gyeonggi- South Korea). Ajou is well known as a software-specialized university and one of the research-leading university in Korea. Those 11 students are Fallon Candra, Cakra Wishnu Wardhana, Ridwan Arvihafiz Bakri, Kamilia Dini Nabilati, Aditya Zulfahmi, Aditya murda Nugraha, Aulia Arshad, Cita Audia Ahlunaza, Mohammad Shahid Wildfire, Fitri Purnama Sari, and Rebby Rahmando.

Those 11 students are going to join the program for 6 months at Ajou University and get special training for: Mobile programming, Mobile applicarion (game, web service, business domain), Mobile computing network, Advanced software engineering, Advanced data mining, Internet of Things, and Field Study.