Fasilkom UI Doctorate Promotion 2016-Dr. Darmawan Napitupulu

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Fasilkom UI held a session of Computer Science doctorate conferment for Darmawan Napitupulu on Monday, May 9, 2016. The session was held in Fasilkom UI Auditorium and led by Prof. Dr. Toemin A. Masoem, with the dissertation titled “Model Kematangan E-Government di Indonesia” (Indonesia’ E–Government Maturity Model).

E-Government is the use of technology (TIK) to intensify the efficiency, effectiveness, transparency, and accountability in government. There should be two main characteristics of e-Government which are availability and accessibility. However, according to several researches, the implementation of Indonesia’ e-Government has not been optimized yet because of less competence in the field of IT, inadequate of IT’ infrastructures, government’ internal conflicts, cultural factors, and so on. By considering these factors, Darmawan conducted his research in order to get to know and define any factors that possibly affect the success of e-Government’ implementation in Indonesia so that it can positively improve the system. Besides, Darmawan’ research also developed the maturity model of e-Government based on success’ keys that were used to measure the development of e-Government in Indonesia.

His research presented the identification’ data, analysis, and validation of factors that affect the success of e-Government implementation which those success keys were grouped into four dimensions. Those four dimensions are resources, driver, value, and outcome. Another data is in the form of maturity model of e-Government implementation in Indonesia. This consisted of seven states which are non-existing, absence, use, monitor, evaluate, control, and revise.

This session had Prof. Dr. Aniati Murni A. as the promoter and Dana Indra Sensue, Ph.D as the co-promoter. The examiners were Dr. Indra Budi, Yudho Giri Sucahyo, Ph.D., Setiadi Yazid, Ph.D., Harry Budi Santoso, Ph.D., and Prof. Dr. Richardus Eko Indrajit. The dissertation achieved a highly distinctive result, and a doctorate in Computer Science was then conferred to Dr. Darmawan Napitupulu as the 52nd graduate from Fasilkom UI Doctorate program.