FASILKOM in UI Open Days 2016

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UI Open Days is held again this year on 27-28 February 2016 at Balairung UI, Depok. The visitors who want to find more information about studying in UI are increasing in numbers; more than 26,000 were registered as participants of UI Open Days 2016.

The entire faculties and study programs in UI are involved in this event, ranging from Undergraduate, Masters, Postgraduate and Vocation programs. Faculty of Computer Science (Fasilkom) UI also participated in this occasion to provide information and explanations to the program’s enthusiasts and prospective students.

Both the regular and parallel undergraduate program’s booths were filled with eager visitors. They want to know more about what should be prepared to enter Fasilkom UI, what it is like to study in Fasilkom, the job prospects, and the difference between Computer Science & Information Systems program.

Moreover, the International Program of Fasilkom UI was also present to provide description and information for attaining double degree in Fasilkom UI and its partner universities (University of Queensland and RMIT University).

The faculty also opened a booth to provide more information about their available programs, such as Master of Computer Science, Master of Information Technology and Computer Science doctorate degree.

On the second day of the UI Open Days at February 28, 2016, there was a KKI-UI Talkshow and UI Fasilkom Presentation Session. Representing the Academic Affairs of Fasilkom UI, Dr. Ade Azurat (the coordinator of Computer Science program) is present as the speaker for this presentation session.

Fasilkom UI hopes this event can help both enthusiasts and prospective students in choosing their studies. The continuous interactions in the social media, such as Twitter (@Fasilkom_UI), shows the enthusiasm of visitors who want to know better about Fasilkom UI and the courses it offers.