Kartini’s Day and CGT (Computers Get Together) 2015 Fasilkom UI

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In honor to R. A. Kartini’s fighting morale, staffs of Fasilkom and Pusilkom UI in cooperation with Computers Get Together committee arranged a series of events titled “CGT (Computer get Together) 2015 on Kartini’s Day”. The event is a collaboration between the student’s and the faculty’s annual events, which are CGT and Kartini’s Day respectively. The event was held on April 29, 2015, in Fasilkom UI, Depok.

The event was commenced with a Jarikan flashmob dance by Binari (Fasilkom students dance group) and the staff of Fasilkom and Pusilkom. Jarik stands for a long black cloth with various brown batik patterns. Jarikan, therefore, stands for an art of playing with jarik—a cloth play. A welcoming speech from Mirna Adriani (Dean of Fasilkom) followed the dance. The dean encouraged Indonesian women today to have the same fighting spirit with Kartini.

The event consisted of several competitions that ran simultaneously, which were ‘Berpacu dalam Masakan’ (a cooking competition), ‘Akhirnya Nyanyi Juga’ (a singing competition), and ‘Jarik on the Show’. In Berpacu dalam Masakan, contestants were expected to make a plate of Javanese Fried Noodles and a cup of Ice Fruit Cocktail. All ingredients and cooking utensils were prepared by the committee, who also brought on stage a board of jury consisted of a professional judge, Suyatno (staff of ChezLely Culinary School) and representations from POMDA and IWK Fasilkom UI.

Akhirnya Nyanyi Juga, which went simultaneously with the cooking show, was quite entertaining for the contestants who were divided into two groups: Students and Staff. They were required to sing two songs randomly chosen by a device. The old pop and dangdut songs were quite entertaining; the contestants were not even ashamed to ask the audience to join them in singing and dancing together.

The last competition to hold was Jarik on the Show, which was a competition of decorating a model with jarik. The determinant was the corset on the model’s body, made by the male contestants. The female models then did a fashion show around Fasilkom UI. This competition went very well with the Kartinian theme and has never been done before in Fasilkom, thus giving the event a fresh atmosphere. The event also gave an opportunity to Fasilkom people to market in the Bazaar area. The bazaar was dominated with Indonesian foods such as ice cream with various flavours, snacks, Palembang fish cake, and many other.

The event was ended by awarding the prizes to the winners of each competition and a brief share from Suyatno, “Every contestant has done good in making the food tasteful. However, they sometimes forgot little, but crucial, things. For example, noodles should be put in the water only when the water is thoroughly boiled, so it will be cooked well done. I hope this experience can give a worthy lesson for you to share with your family.”