Fasilkom UI Alumni Gathering: Approaching the 30th Anniversary of Computer Science Study in UI

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Fasilkom UI in cooperation with Alumni Association (ILUNI) and Association of Parents, Students, Teachers and Alumni (POMDA) Fasilkom UI held an alumni gathering by the theme “Approaching the 30th Anniversary of Computer Science in UI” to build communication and hospitality between alumnus.  The event was held in Anex Room, Balairung UI; inviting alumnus from all batches and study programs in Fasilkom UI.

The event was commenced by a welcoming speech from Mirna Adriani (Dean of Fasilkom UI) and Riri Satria (Lecturer & Head of ILUNI Fasilkom UI). It was a pleasure for Riri, who was a part of the first batch of Fasilkom UI (1986) to had an opportunity to meet Fasilkom UI alumni from all batches. He admitted that it was hard to invite the alumni because each alumnus had already had their own agenda; but after all, they were willing to participate in and contribute to the faculty. “I too can only gather with my friends in their spare time. Though not everyone could come, I really hoped our meetings can actually achieve worthy goals. And this is the result, the Fasilkom UI Alumni Gathering,” said Riri with a laugh.

The opportunity to look back to college times through the photos and videos was what brought the alumni to this gathering. Laughs, jokes, and reminiscing talks were heard during the playback of old photos with “trendy” styles in it back then. Alumni from batch 1992 and 1995, represented with Hisar Maruli Manurung and Intan Simanjuntak, performed several songs with Yugo K. Isal (Fasilkom Doctoral Program, 2008). Binari (Fasilkom UI Dance Club) also entertained the audience with Acehnese and Balinese dances.

The event was ended with a presentation from Head of POMDA, Prihandoko, who introduced POMDA as a faculty program that involves alumni. POMDA offers opportunities for Fasilkom alumni to become foster parents for Fasilkom UI students with financial difficulties. This program, aside from tighten the bonds between them, has also attracted a lot of scholarship contributions from attentive alumni .