Fasilkom UI Doctorate Promotion 2015 – Dr. Arief Fatchul Huda

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Fasilkom UI held a doctoral promotion session in Computer Science for doctorate confernment to Arief Fatchul Huda on Friday, January 13, 2015. The session was held in Fasilkom UI Auditorium with the dissertation titled “Algoritma Klastering Spatial dan Spatiotemporal Berdasarkan Struktur Ketetanggaan Pada Data Raster” (Spatial and Spatiotemporal Clustering Algorithm Based on Neighboring Structure in Raster Data).

In his research, Arief explains that neighboring structure is an element of spatial data that consists of data sequences around it. There are two spatial relations in neighboring structure, which are neighboring relation and location-based relation. Using raster data, the researcher transformed the neighboring structure into a 3×3 data sequence.  For the clustering, Arief changed the neighboring structure into the form of sequences using the Sequence Clustering Method. Using the similarities between sub-sequences, this method can provide similar patterns. The result of this research can be used to do co-location analysis or neighboring event analysis.

This session is led by Mirna Adriani, Ph.D. with Prof. T Basaruddin, Ph.D. as the promoter and Ito Warsito, Ph.D. as the co-promoter. The examiners for this session were Dr. Dwi Hendratmo W., Hisar Maruli Manurung, Ph.D, Mohamad Ivan Fanany, Ph.D., Dr. Ade Azurat, and Wahyu C. Wibowo, Ph.D. The dissertation was well-presented with a highly distinctive result. A doctorate in Computer Science was then conferred for Dr. Arief Fatchul Huda as Fasilkom UI’s 38th graduate from Doctoral Program.