Celebration and Farewell for Fasilkom UI graduates

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Graduation is one of life’s unforgettable moments for someone. On Thursday, August 28, 2014, The Faculty of Computer Science had held the Celebration and Farewell for the even semester year 2013/2014 at Sabha Widya Building, Wisma Makara UI Depok. In this period, Fasilkom has graduated 262 students including 150 bachelors from Regular program, 9 bachelors from Double Degree program, and 5 bachelors from Extension program. There were also 93 graduates from Master program, including 62 Information Technology masters and 32 Computer Science masters, and 5 graduates from Computer Science Doctoral program.

The event was started by Mirna Adriani Ph.D (Dean of Fasilkom UI) who congratulated graduates who have finished their programs. Congratulations was also given from the representation of student’s parent, Prihandoko (Parent of M. Umar Abdul Azis). There were also graduates opening speeches from Surya Adhi Saputra (Bachelor of Information System) and Bhimo Bhaskoro (Master of Information Technology). In his speech, Surya encouraged graduates by quoting a Fasilkom UI lecturer, “Quoting Mr. Samuel: if you want to succeed Programming in Fasilkom, start with the class of DDP, Dasar- Dasar Pemrograman (Basics of Programming).”

The title of the highest cum laude GPA for Bachelor Program in the even semester of 2013/2014 was held  by Ashar Fuadi with the total GPA of 3,96 who, unfortunately, did not come because he is currently working on Mountain View, California, U.S. The highest cum laude GPA from Information System was achieved by Adrian Nuradiansyah with the total GPA of 3,81. For the Double Degree program, the highest GPA was held by Andrea Betarani Vincita with the total GPA of 3,97, and Tianur Maria from the Extension Program won the highest GPA of 3,44. As for the postgraduate program, the highest GPA of 4,00 for Computer Science Magister Program was obtained by three people, which are Bilih Priyogi, Remmy Augusta Menzata, dan Robeth Rahmatullah. The title was also achieved by Tri Budianto for the Information Technology program with the total GPA of 3,96. Finally, the title of the highest cum laude GPA of 4,00 as well as The Best Graduate from Fasilkom UI was achieved by Sani M. Isa from the Computer Science Dotoral program.

The joy on the graduation event was complemented with the dance performance from Bina Pecinta Tari (Binari) and performances by students from batch 2011, 2012, and 2013. Congratulations for the graduation, hopefully the graduates can be an excellent and accomplished generation who apply the knowledge gained from the college to build a better Indonesia.