FASILKOM UI Doctorate Promotion 2014 – Dr. Pahala Sirait

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On Tuesday, Fasilkom UI held an open session for Computer Science doctorate conferment for Pahala Sirait. The event was held in the Grand Meeting Room Fasilkom UI with the presented dissertation titled “Deteksi Bentuk dan Perubahan Bangunan Menggunakan Citra Satelit Resolusi Tinggi Dengan Pendekatan Geometri” (Detection of Buildings’ Forms and Changes using High Resolution Satellite Imagery with Geometrical Approach).

In his research, Pahala formulate a methodology to detect forms of building and the changes that occur to eight forms of buildings, which are cross (+), H, L, O, rectangle, T, U, and Z using geometrical approach. In this approach, corners of the building are used to determine the form of the object. The testing is done to high-resolution satellite imagery (IKONOS and QUICKBIRD) and artificial imagery. The result of this research is an algorithm to take out corners as noise without making any new undetected corner. Besides that, the researcher also develops a model that can explore binary-tree-like models.

his promotion session was led by Mirna Adriani, Ph.D. with Prof. Aniati Murni Arymurthy as promoter and Hisar Maruli Manurung, Ph.D as co-promoter. The session presented Dr. Eng. Anto Satryo Nugroho, Dana Indra Sensuse, Ph.D., Wahyu C. Wibowo, Ph.D., Dr. A. Nizar Hidayanto, and Dr. Indra Budi as the examiners. The dissertation was presented very well and got high distinction result, which is 3.70. As the 34th graduate of Fasilkom UI Doctoral Program, a doctorate in Computer Science was then conferred to Dr. Pahala Sirait.