Fasilkom UI’s Pegonizer Transliteration Application Advances to the ASEAN Awards ICT Level 

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The Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indonesia (Fasilkom UI) through the Pegonizer transliteration application won the award for selected two works in the Research and Development category in the Indonesia Entrepreneur ICT 2022 (IdenTIK) competition, Ministry of Communication and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenkominfo) on 10 November 2022. Mrs. Yova Ruldeviyani, S.Kom., M.Kom as one of the supervisors and Fasilkom UI lecturer from the Pegonizer team explained that the application was designed by implementing efforts to preserve the Pegon language with the concept of digitizing manuscripts through several features such as book catalogs, optical character recognition (OCR) and transliteration . 

Dean of Fasilkom UI, Dr. Ir. Petrus Mursanto, M.Sc. appreciates this achievement as a real contribution by Fasilkom UI academics to the nation. “Research is part of Fasilkom UI’s mission, which is to create, develop and apply science and technology to increase the nation’s competitiveness. Congratulations to the Fasilkom UI team, the Pegonizer application is an application that was built to solve the Pegon problem in Indonesia and it is also expected to accelerate knowledge extraction from Pegon documents,” he said. 

Based on the Startup Ranking report, Indonesia is included in the top 10 countries with the highest number of startups in the world, namely 2,437. Seeing this potential, the Ministry of Communication and Informatics through the Directorate of Informatics Empowerment is organizing the IdenTIK program as one of the strategies to develop Indonesia’s digital ecosystem. IdenTIK is an annual competition held by the Ministry of Communication and Information in order to explore the potential of ICT products made by the nation’s children so they can compete at the world level. 

TScreenshot of the Pegonizer application via the website display https://pegon.cs.ui.ac.id/ 

The Pegonizer team consists of students majoring in computer science at the 2019 Fasikom UI, namely, Ahmad Haydar Alkaf; Beltsazar Anugrah Sotardodo; Hendrico Kristiawan; Jonathan Amadeus; Matthew Tumbur Parluhutan Siregar; Muhammad Hanif Fahreza; and Taufiq Hadi Pratama. Fasilkom UI Lecturer, Mrs. Yova Ruldeviyani, S.Kom., M.Kom. who was involved as the supervisor of the Pegonizer team explained that the application was made with the aim of digitizing the works of scholars or stories of previous writers so that their identity was maintained. “The condition of books that are hundreds of years old is very, very worrying. Not to mention the ownership is spread by many private collectors, even abroad such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, England and other countries. Pegonizer is an effort to preserve the masterpieces of the archipelago. The Pegon Manuscript contains a lot of knowledge, especially the deepening of Islam for adherents of Islam. Pegonizer is an application for digitizing Pegon manuscripts. The available features consist of a book catalog, OCR, and transliteration,” he emphasized. 

There are six categories in the Identical competition series namely, Startup Company, Private Sector, Public Sector, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Research and Development (RnD), and Digital Content Technology Innovation. Pegonizer successfully won second place in the RnD category and successfully competed out of a total of 190 works that entered the IdenTIK competition in 2022. Later, as many as 18 works, including Pegonizer, which was selected as the best work from the six IdenTIK categories in 2022, will receive coaching and training to prepare themselves for the AICTA regional competition in 2023. 

Chairperson of the IdenTIK 2022 Jury Council and professor of Fasilkom UI, Prof. Eko K. Budiardjo conveyed, Indonesia is a country with unique characters and identities because of its diversity. This diversity gives birth to unique works resulting from the creativity of the nation’s children that need to be accommodated. “IdenTIK is here as a forum for ICT works so that their potential can be explored to appear in the eyes of the world,” said Prof. eco. In addition to receiving coaching from the jury, the IdenTIK 2022 winner will receive coaching money with a total value of 30 million rupiah (except for the Public Sector category), free credits from Xendit, the opportunity to take part in the Startup Studio Indonesia program stages and the incubation program stages for 1000 digital startups, as well as credits worth USD 10,000 to USD 25,000 from Amazon Web Services for continuing with the id hub program. 

TPegon-Latin transliteration on Pegonizer can be accessed web and mobile. The transliteration is reversible, so you can transliterate Pegon to Latin or Latin to Pegon. Typing access can be done with a standard keyboard, especially the ease of typing on the mobile version. This transliteration was developed for the first time in Indonesia by following the rules for writing in Pegon. Pegonizer access can be seen via the link  pegon.cs.ui.ac.id

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