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“For me, even though I don’t have legs, I can definitely walk”

Qurrata AyunaClass of 2015, Bidikmisi Scholarship Recipient.

Scholarship Resources

University Scholarships

University of Indonesia scholarships are channeled in the form of Equitable Education Operational Costs (BOP-B) which is a scholarship scheme in the form of a reduction in the amount of the BOP and the amount of Admission Fee (UP). Students can apply for BOP-B before the administrative registration period begins according to the admission pathway at the University. Students who apply for BOP-B will be evaluated for their financial situation based on parents’ income, number of dependents, assets owned, and recommendations from RT/RW.

Sponsorship Scholarship

UI Regular Undergraduate students also have the opportunity to obtain scholarships from outside parties such as the government, banks and other private companies. Scholarships are given various nature and duration. There are scholarships that only provide monthly pocket money for a year, and there are also scholarships that provide monthly pocket money plus BOP allowances until the student graduates. Every year, around 250 Regular Undergraduate Fasilkom students from all batches receive scholarships from various sponsors.

POMDA Scholarship

In addition to university scholarships and external sponsors, students also have the opportunity to get scholarships from the Association of Student Parents, Lecturers and Alumni (POMDA), an official institution within the Fasilkom UI as a forum for joining student parents, lecturers and alumni in the mission of supporting the realization of the teaching and learning process healthy, fair and quality. POMDA helps underprivileged students by providing scholarships in the form of tuition fees, living expenses, and others.