Pemenang Lomba Kreatifood dan Fun Walk 2019 Dies Natalis ke-33 Fasilkom UI

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The voting is finished. The taste test is done. Thanks to everyone who participated in our contests!




Members: Aya, Panca, Wati & Dian

Theme: High Tea Menus


*         Hasty & Tasty Chicken & Egg Salad Sandwich

*         Mango Chicken Salad

Judges’ Comments: They start with the bread and their own-chicken, that’s the architecture. Add some cheese, mashed egg & mustard, lettuce and tomato. That’s character development and polishing. Then, the fun part – they put all the little historical details (blue & red Fasilkom’s UI ribbon); and the Greek yogurt to reduce the amount of mayonnaise used. The yogurt is the best part. This group made a very exciting salad to eat too! It is loaded with juicy cube chicken, crisp lettuce & sweet Indramayu mango – this salad is a winner!

TOTAL SCORE: 693 out of 800



Members: Trisna, Tri, Selvia & Ika P

Theme: Creative way to spice up sandwich & salad


*         Sandwich Sushi

*         Ship Salad

Judges’ Comments: They try something new with this Sandwich Sushi recipe. Roll up bread, cheese and condiments in slices of whole wheat bread to make the tasty Sandwich Sushi. All ages will appreciate this fun sushi-shaped sandwich. The group served a watermelon bowl filled with variety of vegies. Watermelon Bowl Vegies Salad is simple and elegant. It also fit in with the general theme really well.

TOTAL SCORE: 681 out of 800



Members: Prima, Ardi, Rama & Panji

Theme: Easy-to-make, Simply Fabulous guaranteed to be the highlight of Kreatifood’s Day


*         Simple sandwich (recipe from Simply Food)

*         “Vegetable Salad Recipe “Healthy Dishes”

Judges’ Comments: On the surface, The Group was simple. A sandwich is simple, easy to assemble, and quick to eat. The group also created clean simple salads, any fresh veggie from the Pasar Kaget Fasilkom UI can be swapped in with delicious results!

TOTAL SCORE: 648 out of 800



33 Airways: “Pretty Serving Uniform” in the FUNWALK.

They made their debut during FunWalk Dies33 with runway looks from Gedung Lama and Gedung Baru (roundtrips).


FASUM: “Unique As Abunawas”

Their costume and hat are meant to reflect the liveliness of FUNWALK DN33.  The men on FASUM wear contemporary Abunawas’s style while the women have a choice of wearing  a more formal long-skirt black ensemble.


SATPAM: “Enthusiast Outfits in FUNWALK”

They were fit for purpose, comfort and style.


  • Lab e-GOV: “CLEVER & UNIQUE”

The seemed has a “grooming officer” who ensures the team look in perfect style. Their lipstick Palette is an explosion of highly Biru-Merah soul that unlock their inner creativity.

  • SUPER SEKRE: “Iconic Symbol of Biru-Merah”

Sekre Costumes’ designed to be “simple, beautiful and dignified BIRU-MERAH. They seemed has a member who provide input on how practical the design should be.

  • SAPU BERSIH: “Dust & Dignity”

Their performance is an external expression of who they are. Beauty begins the moment they decide to be themselves.

Prizes will be handed to all winners on 30th of October 2019 in conjunction with Dies Natalis 33 event at Dr. Indro Suwandi’s auditorium.