Latest Updates on Big Data Development and Information Security

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juliana iwbis18

International Workshop on Big Data and Information Security (IWBIS), held on 12 – 13 May 2018 in Balai Kartini-Jakarta, was backed by enthusiasm from 400 attendees. IWBIS 2018 was opened by a welcome speech from Ricky Joseph Pesik (Deputy Chairman of Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy), Mirna Adriani (Dean of Fasilkom UI) and Adila Krisnadhi (General Chairs of IWBIS 2018). Presentation from keynote speakers: Stephane Bressan (Associate Professor at NUS, Singapore), Juliana Sutanto (Professor at Lancaster University, UK) and Muhammad Ivan Fanany (Fasilkom UI).

Prof. Stephane Bressan possesses a research interest in integration, management and business analysis as well as data analysis from various heterogenous sources, distinctive and distributed. He is a researcher in Image & Pervasive Access Lab (IPAL) Singapore and author of over 100 articles in the international peer reviewed conferences & journals. Stephane Bressan brought up topics on “Who is Alice? Privacy Risk, the Case of Regression” in IWBIS 2018.

One interesting topic, Juliana Sutanto brought up was about “Smart Park” that is National Garden/ City which can be improvedly operated by an application of Internet of Things (IoT). His presentation was discussing about Smart Park’s intelligence layer & development roadmap. Prof. Juliana Sutanto has an interest of research in artefact design and behaviours analysis in interaction digital communication. He investigated in how user interactions with IS can benefit organization and community.

Dr. Ivan Fanany, researcher and academic staff in Fasilkom UI, discoursed a topic on 3D Capsule Networks for Video Analytics.” Capsule Networks is one of most recent talked topic inside deep learning community. Dr. Ivan presented about how to handle video data and extract advantages from capsule network for video analysis.